Sincerely Yours

They span a wide spectre of art forms and expressions. Gary Hume is well known for his paintings in glossy house paint on sheets of aluminium, while Damien Hirst’s work trades on objects familiar to us in other contexts: ashtrays, medicine cupboards and large glass showcases containing animals in formaldehyde.

Both Sam Taylor-Wood and Douglas Gordon work with video installations. Taylor-Wood puts a strong focus on the individual person, while Gordon is usually inspired by well-known film classics, and in the exhibition Robert de Niro’s film figure from Taxi Driver reappears in an unexpected way. The sculptures of Mona Hatoum and Rachel Whiteread often relate to furniture. Whiteread works with plaster casts, visualizing the empty spaces between and beneath familiar objects, while Hatoum’s objects often deviate from the norm in a disquieting way. In the exhibition we have chosen to put the greatest emphasis on the distinctive and special in each artist. Thus, we see the exhibition as a friendly greeting from six individuals, rather than from a group. The exhibition fills all the museum galleries and is accompanied by a catalogue with essays by museum conservator Øystein Ustvedt.